Prerequisites for the connector

  1. Ensure the following prerequisite components are installed through packages:

    1. B2B Commerce for Lightning - by Salesforce

    2. Salesforce CMS - refer to Salesforce help article here -

    3. License Management Application (LMA) - connect with Salesforce Support to know more about this.

    4. Hawksearch Search app - follow this article to setup Hawksearch App -

  2. Setup Salesforce:

    1. Create a Salesforce community through setup page

    2. Create user groups and users, ensure appropriate permission sets and profiles are mapped to the users.

    3. Setup email notifications

  3. Setup B2B Commerce

    1. Follow this guide from Salesforce to setup the store

    2. The store page shows a basic checklist to setup the Storefront - ensure these are completed.


    3. Content addition (use Salesforce DataLoader for fast turn around time):
      Following are the objects which are commonly used with B2B Commerce:
      accounts, account addresses, entitlement policies, products, product categories, media, and price books into Salesforce using either the Data Import Wizard or Data Loader.

      1. Upload Categories data, ensure every category is mapped to the catalog.

      2. Upload Products data, ensure every product is mapped to the catalog.

      3. Create as many custom fields in the Product sObject as required. Examples color, size, brand, item type, availability, etc and note the list of the custom fields created.

      4. Add mapping between products and categories by uploading data to ProductCategoryProduct sObject

      5. Add mapping between products and Store pricebooks by uploading data to PriceBookEntry sObject

      6. Add mapping between products and BuyerGroup pricebooks by uploading data to PriceBookEntry sObject

      7. Ensure standard pricing is available for all products - this means we need to assign the product to a standard pricebook also.

      8. Add Entitlement by uploading association data to CommerceEntitlementBuyerGroup and CommerceEntitlementPolicy

      9. Associate users created in step 2b with Users and Buyer groups of B2B Commerce app.

    4. Setup CMS:

      1. Upload images to the CMS.

      2. Associate products with the images, ensure the main image is present for all products.