App Overview

Hawksearch App for BigCommerce allows merchandisers, marketers and developers to extend Hawksearch's leading advanced search capabilities to your BigCommerce stores. Hawksearch can power the following sections of your BigCommerce site

  • Search
  • Autocomplete on Search textbox
  • Landing/Category Pages

To install the App please go to the BigCommerce App marketplace and select the Hawksearch App and click install.  Although the download of the app itself is free, to use the Hawksearch App in production mode requires a monthly fee (starting from 375$) and depends on the 3 factors

  • Monthly Search Traffic and Category Page Views
  • Number of Products in your BigCommerce store
  • Number of Attributes in your BigCommerce store


The process of getting Hawksearch up and running on your site involves the following

  • Install Hawksearch app from the BigCommerce Marketplace
  • If the app install goes through successfully you should see the success message below.

  • All app downloads once successful require activation on the Hawksearch platform, Until the installation is approved, the app will stay in pending status. If you try to access the app you will see the message below. Typical approval times for new accounts range from eight to sixteen business hours after the request has been made.

  • Once installation has been approved, the home screen of the app will display the Hawksearch Dashboard link you can use to tune the search settings. The username/password for accessing the dashboard will be provided in a separate email to the designated email address specified during installation. Additional settings for managing the data feed generation are provided on the app screens
  • Review and adjust any configuration as desired on the app screens
  • Click the "Generate Feed" button manually and ensure that the feeds on the SFTP account specified on the Data Feed Settings screen are refreshed
  • Login to the Hawksearch dashboard and click on rebuild index and ensure that index is processed successfully
  • Click on your "View Store" link and confirm you can now see Hawksearch active on the site. you should start seeing the Hawksearch autcomplete results show up when you start typing in the search textbox
  • Schedule training with Hawksearch by contacting or check out the help section for videos and additional documentation on the tool
  • If you wish to power your category pages through Hawksearch follow instructions on the Updating Category Theme section.