Hawksearch API

The Hawksearch solution provides powerful search functionality for your website together with the ability to customize the search experience to fit your organization. Hawksearch platform provides various methods for advanced administrators and developers to calibrate the settings according to the business need. These include Hawksearch API v4.0, Hawksearch API v2.0L-v4.0L and Dashboard REST API.

API - Hawksearch v4.0

Use this API to perform search, indexing, data operations on the search index, and autocomplete operations. The output response will be in JSON format. With more than 25 different calls Hawksearch v4.0 API provides a plethora of features out of the box for faster implementation.

API - Hawksearch v2.0L - v4.0L

This is one of the integration methods for version v2.0L-v4.0L which enables both JSON and XML output for the search results format.

Dashboard API 

Use this to automate the dashboard configuration changes for your search engine. This can be used as an alternative to manually logging in to the dashboard to view/update the settings. Data Configuration settings such as fields, facets, sorting, Merchandising configuration such as Visitor targets, Recommendation Configuration and more are available.

In addition to the above, Hawksearch also provides API:

To track events and retrieve recommendations:



To Perform Autocomplete: